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12-03-2015 00:17:51

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10-04-2015 01:21:30

12-1-2015 10:32:56

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13-2-2015 11:47:31

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20-3-2015 15:35:42

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We are a reliable and professional World of Warcraft gold,powerleveling,Items online store.We are committed to build the fastest delivery system, to ensure that our customers can buy the cheapest wow gold in the shortest possible time on our website.We are a professional World of Warcraft team which is made up of 100+ enthusiastic players, most of us have played WoW for more than 3 years and we have achieved FD of Illidan on Aug 2007 and FD of Kil'jaeden on Jul 2008. Some of us are also top arena players who have achieved 2500+ rating in every seasons.

The purpose of our team is to get more players who don't have much time to play WoW, and are not attuned to a better guild and being tired of earning DKP to be involved in our raid parties, experiencing each boss and enjoying the great fun and excitement when killing the bosses. It would be a huge loss of playing World of Warcraft if a player has no experience raiding through the high level instances with enviable raid gear.

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