How do you feel about the fortress system
We talked about how to make the Fort let you feel better than you are at home, there is someone have suggested that if the game player can show his past accomplishments to others in the fortress, it will give the system more sense of belonging. Mumper mentioned fortress system will contain a milepost,you canget it through the achievement, game player can put them up in their own fortress. However, he also said the key of the fortress system is the game experience, rather than let the game player...
Delano King" opening animation will be held
"World of Warcraft: Delano King" opening animation will be held at 0:30 on August 15 simultaneous global premiere. According to official said the news that the premiere will not only be invited many well-known players and the media, but also held a special event in the official microblogging microblogging account, to elect five free to participate in the premiere of the lucky players. And before the ChinaJoy site micro-channel sweepstakes, there are five players have been very fortunat...
Which camp would you join in wow
Shadow Council There Gul'dan shadow parliamentary control can be described as notorious, in this place to talk about love, ah, is simply hell on earth, but intrigues snacks, slings and arrows, the cover of darkness is appetizing meal. Ventures World of Warcraft everywhere, everywhere Goblin-based venture capital firm, and the players their first formal meeting in Stranglethorn Vale, the latest one is on the side of Cassandra Lang jungle beach. These guys are close to trees enemies, dig huge ...