Delano King" opening animation will be held

"World of Warcraft: Delano King" opening animation will be held at 0:30 on August 15 simultaneous global premiere.

According to official said the news that the premiere will not only be invited many well-known players and the media, but also held a special event in the official microblogging microblogging account, to elect five free to participate in the premiere of the lucky players. And before the ChinaJoy site micro-channel sweepstakes, there are five players have been very fortunate to win free eligibility to participate in the premiere. These lucky players, these players will be responsible for the official accommodation, invited them to the premiere site, let them exposure to first-class theater environment, enjoy: shock effect, "World of Warcraft Delano King" opening large.

Blizzard Entertainment and national service "World of Warcraft" operations team is clearly the "King of Delano's" opening animation simultaneous global premiere unusual attention. It is understood that in addition to the premiere also announced the opening animation itself is also the first release new animated series skit: "Lord of War," the first episode. I believe this is a well-made, it is worth looking forward to work.

Meanwhile, the official also specifically with the "World of Warcraft" before opening animation piece of information for some trailers, although the film each shot players are so familiar, but the shock effect of clever editing and Warcraft opening animation or so that everyone on the "Delano king" opening blockbuster full of expectations.

Two years ago, "Panda mystery" opening animation for the first time to achieve a global synchronization of Warcraft premiere opening animation, Hollywood movie-level production of sophisticated, powerful effects, as well as a unique Chinese style martial arts action shots are so straight players call enjoyable. In this segment animation premiere day, the amount of playing many well-known video site that is easy to break the animation million. What the "King of Delano's" opening animation in turn how wonderful? Let us wait and see!