How do you feel about the fortress system

We talked about how to make the Fort let you feel better than you are at home, there is someone have suggested that if the game player can show his past accomplishments to others in the fortress, it will give the system more sense of belonging. Mumper mentioned fortress system will contain a milepost,you canget it through the achievement, game player can put them up in their own fortress.

However, he also said the key of the fortress system is the game experience, rather than let the game player placed furniture or dress. After all, this is not the "Warcraft story" or "Warcraft life simulation".

Now what i want to konw is that, now that Warcraft developers put all city services into the fortress, then if it will open trading and integrated chat channel in Fort? Since wow there is already  cross clothing group function convenient in the fort, then I think there is not much of a problem to do like this.

So dear game player, how would you choose? Would you like to set your house in the city,  do the fortress as your holiday destination? Or you will directly set your house on the fortress, manage it carefully,and become a real fortress Lord?